25th World Congress of IPSA, Brisbane, Australia from 21-25 July 2018

Panels propsed:

Panel (39.01): Comparing Welfare Systems

Convenor: Dr. Asha Gupta, India.                ashagupta3452@gmail.com

Chair:  Prof. Philip Nel, New Zealand.          philip.nel@otago.ac.nz

Discussants:  Prof. Sunil Kim, South Korea   sunilkim@khu.ac.kr

This panel welcomes well-researched proposals focusing on comparison of welfare systems in the developing and the developed world, between two or more developed or developing countries. The modern welfare state is to be seen as the outcome of modernization, industrialization and democratization. It was a product of historical accretion, political compromise and economic necessity. With the advent of democracy, it became necessary to provide a minimum level of social security to all the citizens. The developing countries tried to follow the western model/models despite vast differences in their socio-economic, political, historic-geographical and cultural contexts. These countries are not only different from the first world and second world but also different from each another. That’s why they have altogether different social security systems in terms of funding, distribution, administration, implications, etc. We find neither convergence nor divergence with various models adopted by the advanced countries. This panel encourages panels and papers focusing on systematic differences in various welfare states and social security systems in developing countries comprising two-third of the world’s population and half of the total land. This majority world can no longer be ignored in the interest of global well-being.


RC39 Welfare States and Developing Societies


          Prof. Lenaura Lobato, Brazil      lenauralobato@uol.com.br

          Prof. Wojciech Nowiak, Poland   wojciech.nowiak@amu.edu.pl

          Dr. Fabio Gomes, Brazil             fabio.gomes@camara.leg.br

          Prof. Andre Laliberte, Canada      andre.laliberte@uottawa.ca

          Prof. Joachim Betz, Germany betz@giga-hamburg.de                                  

          Miss Joana Macedo, Brazil,     jocsmacedo@gmail.com

Panel (39.02): Future Trends in Welfare Reforms

Convenor: Dr. Asha Gupta, India             ashagupta3452@gmail.com

Chair: Dr. Asha Gupta, India                   ashagupta3452@gmail.com

Discussants:  Dr. Fabio Gomes, Brazil    fabio.gomes@camara.leg.br

It is yet to be seen whether we can move towards some collective form of social security or whether the financial crisis will be used by clever politicians towards permanently restructuring the welfare state. We may find paradigm shifts in public attitudes moving beyond egalitarianism and social justice to ‘civilized politics’. This panel seeks proposals dealing with the latest trends in welfare reforms towards social assistance, social insurance and social pension. We would welcome proposals especially dealing with shifts in paradigm from ‘welfare’ to’ paternalism’, making an indepth study of the values and public attitudes involved. We are looking forward to papers dealing with innovative ideas in some specific country or comparative framework. Some may even come out with alternatives to welfare state in current scenarios; others may give priority to merit in distribution of public benefits. Some others may support merit even if it implies maintaining the inequities created by market economy or globalization. For instance, recent reforms in certain developing countries have shown the dominance of self-interest on the part of clever politicians in favouring redistribution just to ensure their victory in forthcoming elections by proposing hybrid models of welfare aiming at general well being of the citizens.


RC39 Welfare States and Developing Societies


          Prof. Paolo Roberto Graziano, Italy        paolo.graziano@unibocconi.it

          Mr. Philippe Martin, Canada                  pmart083@uottawa.ca      

          Dr. Martin Mendoza-Botelho, USA  mendozabotelhom@easternct.edu                 

  • Varieties of Pension Systems and Old-Age Income Maintenance: A Comparative Approach Using Panel Data

          Ms. Yunyoung Kim, South Korea     

          Ms. Kristyna Basna, Czech Republic    kristyna.basna@soc.cas.cz

Panel (39.03): Social Welfare as a form of Social Justice: Can there be Trade Off between Economic Efficiency and Social Justice?

Convenor: Dr. Asha Gupta, India                      ashagupta3452@gmail.com

Chair: Dr. Martín Mendoza-Botelho, USA  mendozabotelhom@easternct.edu

Discussants:  Prof. Andre Laliberte, Canada     andre.laliberte@uottawa.ca

The pursuit of social justice was central to social democratic politics in the era of Beveridge-plus-Keynes till the impact of destabilizing financial crisis was felt on the post-war welfare state. The Keynesian welfare state aimed at social equality through humanizing capitalist markets but the stagnant growth and fiscal constraints in the next decade depicted growing limits to redistributive capacities of the state, hence making it imperative to find out new ways and means to reconcile social justice with economic efficiency. In some countries, an attempt is made not to compensate the losers but reshape the markets. Under the universal basic income scheme, cash payment is made from public to private accounts as minimum allowance. The idea is to shift the role of the welfare state from remedial compensatory approach to pre-emptive role by investing in human and social capital to get the desired results. This panel welcomes papers on the need for trade off between social justice and economic efficiency, if any, types of efficiency, relationship between economy and social justice, measures to increase the efficiency of the nation as a whole, role of the society in promoting social well-being, politics of social investment, etc.


RC39 Welfare States and Developing Societies


           Dr. Woo Chang Kang, Australia.       woochang.kang@anu.edu.au 

           Dr Asha Gupta, India.                      ashagupta3452@gmail.com

           Dr. Bharat Chandra Rout, MHRD, India    bharatrout@hotmail.com

          Dr. Walter Carnota, Argentina             wcarnota@hotmail.com

  • The Impact of Social Investment Policies on Present Poverty: Lessons from Latin America

    Ms. Gabriela De Carvalho, Brazil   gabrieladecarvalho@icloud.com

Panel (39.04): Welfare State and Developing Society: From Generosity to Austerity

Convenor: Dr. Asha Gupta, India                      ashagupta3452@gmail.com

Chair: Prof. Lenaura Lobato, Brazil                   lenauralobato@uol.com.br

Discussants: Ms. Gabriela De Carvalho, Brazil gabrieladecarvalho@icloud.com

The Great Recession triggered by the financial crisis during 2007-08 worldwide has made the future of welfare state, as we know, uncertain. The days of generosity seem to have gone in view of the stringent austerity measures adopted even by advanced economics. Papers dealing with the effect of fiscal crisis on welfare systems, challenges before welfare states, need for social insurance, promotion of individual responsibility, combating with new problems, such as, rising inequalities, impact on labour market, recent welfare reforms, politics of welfare states, economic determinants, social insecurities, incremental and transformative changes are welcome. It is yet to be seen whether we can move towards some collective part towards social security or can this crisis be used by some smart politicians towards permanently restructuring the welfare state. We would welcome proposals on the impact of margins created in the wake of globalization in the sense of empirical borders and conceptual ones in the form of socio-cultural, economic, religious, ethnic, linguistic and/or gender-based distinctions paving the way for identity politics and political management.


RC39 Welfare States and Developing Societies


    Miss Ying Li, Brussels, Belgium  ying.li@erasmusmundus-gem.eu

          Mr. Mohammadreza Aram, Iran.            mr.aram@chmail.ir

          Prof. Kavous Seyed-Emami

     Dr. Terzungwe Cornelius Wanan, Nigeria   talk2terzungwe@yahoo.com

Dr. Shachi Chawla, India.                     shachichawla@yahoo.co.in    


           Prof. Sunil Kim, South Korea.                sunilkim@khu.ac.kr

          Miss Carla Tomazini, Brazil.                    carlatomazini@gmail.com

Panel (39.05): Welfare States and Developing Societies: A Peep Inside Some Specific Countries

Convenor: Dr. Asha Gupta, India                         ashagupta3452@gmail.com

Chair : Dr. Walter Carnota, Argentina                  wcarnota@hotmail.com   

 Discussants:  Miss Joana Macedo, Brazil          jocsmacedo@gmail.com


RC39 Welfare States and Developing Societies


  • Emerging Trend of Rights Based Approach to Development in India: Opportunities and Constrains

Mrs. Preety Choudhari, India       preetychoudhari2009@gmail.com 

Dr. Phuc Nguyen, Australia        phuc.nguyen@unimelb.edu.au 

Prof. Mark Considine                 m.considine@unimelb.edu.au

Dr. Siobhan O'Sullivan               siobhan.osullivan@unsw.edu.au

Mr. Stephen Treuke, Brazil         stephantreuke@hotmail.de 

Miss Vienne Wang, Taiwan         viennewang624@gmail.com

Mr. Chung-Wei Huang                 osbern@gmail.com

Prof. Philip Nel, New Zealand        philip.nel@otago.ac.nz  

In view of some drop outs at the last minute, we had to merge the proposed five panels into three panels and, therefore, reshuffle some of the papers to make each session viable. We accommodated the paper 'Assessing the Impact of Labor Market Activation on Unequal Turnout across Advanced Industrial Democracies' by Dr. Hyunjin Oh, South Korea on his personal request as he was unable to present his paper at RC30 on July 24 due to prior engagement at his institute on the same date.We on the other hand were short of one paper in Panel RC39.03.  

Final Programme at Brisbane from July 21-25, 2018

Panel (RC39.01): Comparing Welfare Systems

Convener:        Dr. Asha Gupta                ashagupta3452@gmail.com

Chair:              Prof. Philip Nel                philip.nel@otago.ac.nz

Co-chair:         Dr. Walter Carnota            wcarnota@hotmail.com

Discussants:    Ms. Kristyna Basna         kristyna.basna@soc.cas.cz

Session:           RC39 Welfare States and Developing Societies


Author: Prof. Lenaura Lobato, Brazil       lenauralobato@uol.com.br

Author: Prof. Wojciech Nowiak, Poland wojciech.nowiak@amu.edu.pl

Co-Author(s): Prof. Andrej Stelmach, Poland  andrzej.stelmach@amu.edu.pl

Author: Dr. Fabio Gomes, Brazil             fabio.gomes@camara.leg.br

Author: Prof. Andre Laliberte, Canada      andre.laliberte@uottawa.ca

Author: Miss Joana Macedo, Brazil          jocsmacedo@gmail.com

Panel (RC39.03): Social Welfare as a form of Social Justice: Can there be Trade Off between Economic Efficiency and Social Justice?

Convenor:         Dr. Asha Gupta                       ashagupta3452@gmail.com

Chair:              Dr. Asha Gupta                        ashagupta3452@gmail.com

Discussants:    1. Prof. Andre Laliberte             andre.laliberte@uottawa.ca

           2. Miss Joana Macedo              jocsmacedo@gmail.com

Session:           RC39 Welfare States and Developing Societies


Dr. Phuc Nguyen, Australia               phuc.nguyen@unimelb.edu.au 

Prof. Mark Considine,Australia          m.considine@unimelb.edu.au

Dr. Siobhan O'Sullivan, Australia        siobhan.osullivan@unsw.edu.au

           Author: Dr. Walter Carnota, Argentina    wcarnota@hotmail.com

    Author: Ms. Gabriela De Carvalho, Brazil gabrieladecarvalho@icloud.com

          Author: Prof. Philip Nel, New Zealand      philip.nel@otago.ac.nz

Panel (RC39.04): Welfare State and Developing Society: From Generosity to Austerity

Convenor:        Dr. Asha Gupta                 ashagupta3452@gmail.com

Chair:              Prof. Lenaura Lobato         lenauralobato@uol.com.br

Discussants:    1. Dr. Fabio Gomes          fabio.gomes@camara.leg.br

           2. Ms. Gabriela De Carvalho gabrieladecarvalho@icloud.com

Session:           RC39 Welfare States and Developing Societies


     Author: Miss Ying Li, Belgium     ying.li@erasmusmundus-gem.eu

          Author: Dr. Asha Gupta, India           ashagupta3452@gmail.com

         Author: Prof. Sunil Kim, South Korea sunilkim@khu.ac.kr

Author: Miss Vienne Wang, Taiwan  viennewang624@gmail.com

Co-author(s): Mr. Chung-Wei Huang, Taiwan  osbern@gmail.com

          Author: Ms. Kristyna Basna, Czech Republic kristyna.basna@soc.cas.cz

Business Meeting

All IPSA RC39 members are welcome to attend the Business Meeting to be held on July 23, 2018 during 12:45 - 13:45 in Room No. Foyer / Door 1/4-T16.                                                     


a) a brief report by the convener

b) call for papers for a book proposed

c) nomination for Secretary

d) any other matter with the consent of Convener